Everyday Skin Care:

  • Moisturise daily
  • Exfoliate 2 to 3 times per week

  • Recommended Products to use:

    Mancine body wash & Mancine body butter to nourish the skin.

    After waxing:

  • Do not do any heavy exercise for at least 24 hours
  • Do not tan after 24 hours
  • Do not have a hot bath, shower or sauna for 48 hours
  • Do not go swimming in a pool or the ocean for 24 hours
  • Do wash with an antiseptic body wash which will clean out the follicle to help prevent the cause of ingrown hairs and bacterial infection
  • Do not exfoliate your skin for at least 7 days after your wax
  • Avoid applying any heavy or greasy lotions for at least 12 hours (fragrances and other lubricants can cause a burning sensation and can also block the follicle which then causes it to break out)
  • Also avoid touching the waxed area to ensure it remains bacteria free
  • Use a antiseptic based product to apply to the area for it’s cleansing and purifying qualities